Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting


Horse betting has become a very popular gambling option aside from soccer odds in Singapore pools. Bettors aren’t just looking forward to see their favorite racers win, but also thrilled about the bets they are going to make every game and how much they could win from it.

Yet, despite of how popular horse racing bet is, many gamblers still lose a lot of money. Why? Because they don’t really know how to gamble better, they don’t look on the things they should to increase their odds of winning. Many people make a mess out of their money because they don’t know what to do and how to get it right.

Here are some helpful tips you can take note of when it comes to horse race betting:

THE Game

Bettors, especially novices, should carefully review race cards. The brochure lists past races’ conditions, distances and positions as well as breakdowns and details of horses from previous races. This is proven to be an effective for analyzing upcoming competitions.


Knowing every horse doesn’t guarantee you a better chance of winning. A bettor should also learn about the jockeys who can bring out the best out of each horse.

Entry Game

Race track positions play a big role in determining which horse would be the winner. There are positions that are less likely to get a horse pinned or compressed which would increase the chance of it in winning the race. Getting driven into a corner would only mean a disadvantage to any horse.

The variables mentioned above, along with speed, have a significant impact on a horse race and the betting that follows it. Horse racing betting isn’t all about how fast a horse can finish the track. Horse racing is thrilling when you add wagers to it yet horse speed and luck are not the only factors that determine your chances of winning a bet. Do not lose like anyone else in the Singapore pools odd.

If you want to know why more people aren’t winning at horse betting, read theseinfographic below from CM2 BET.

Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting

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