Do Online Blackjack and Live Blackjack have any differences?


Online blackjack vs. live blackjack can be a bit perplexing to those who aren’t familiar. Still, it’s actually quite simple to understand. You can start with online blackjack, which is basically a computer game that you play online. Even though you’re playing blackjack, you’re playing against a computer in online casino Malaysia. Because there are no other real-life players to interact with and the graphics are simple and two-dimensional, the game can be considered simple and basic by today’s standards.


However, compared to live blackjack, which is exactly what its name implies, it’s a little less exciting to play. Instead of playing against a computer in a video game-like setting, you receive a high-definition video feed of a real-life dealer in a real-life casino, where you play blackjack with real-life players. You can hear the dealer’s voice and type in the chat window to communicate with the dealer and other players.


As far as gameplay is concerned, most people agree that live blackjack is much more immersive because you’re playing in a real casino with actual people, making it feel more exciting and authentic than playing online. And, to be honest, it’s a lot more exciting than a 2D video game because you’re able to interact with real people and play on a real roulette wheel.


Online Blackjack Advantages and Disadvantages.



  • The number of tables, games, and options is practically limitless.
  • It was challenging to get a low-cost game in past.
  • Play free of the constraints imposed by a live dealer and other players.



  • The odds aren’t quite up to par with those of real-time blackjack.
  • Playing blackjack online isn’t nearly as exciting as playing in person.
  • There isn’t quite the same level of excitement as playing blackjack in a real casino.


The pros and cons of playing live blackjack



  • The odds are a little better than those of online blackjack.
  • Amazingly engrossing.
  • The adrenaline rush is incredible.



  • There are fewer tables and games to choose from.
  • It’s more difficult to find a low-cost game.
  • It’s possible that some people will find it even more stressful.


Which has better odds: 

Playing online blackjack or playing live blackjack?

When it comes to online and live blackjack, subtle differences can significantly impact your odds.


It’s not a good idea to try to count cards in live blackjack (you’ll be kicked out just like you would in a real casino), but having more tens in the deck, as there are in live blackjack, is a big advantage. A six- or eight-deck shoe is almost always used in live blackjack, and the cards are regularly shuffled. On the other hand, online blackjack is virtually shuffled every time a hand is dealt.


Live blackjack online has a slight edge over online, but you’ll get a better sense of how the game works by playing it over and over again. Decide which version of the game best suits your playing style and risk tolerance by experimenting with both of them.


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