Now that you have known how to become an expert player, you may want to consider several things before you start. You are reading this article because you are probably considering letting your regular job play full time. Although some players have done it before, others have tried and failed. But if you always plan to play as a full-time job, consider these things before you start. You can visit 스피드배팅.

Hourly gains

What are your hour gains in your current job? If you already know the amount you earn every month or every day, it can be a simple calculation. However, this is a crucial factor to consider before becoming full-time player. For example, if you currently work 40 hours each week winning $ 25, you earn $ 1,000 a week. Now, can you get this full-time game?

The answer is a resounding yes since some players make this amount. However, it might not be easy for you. Here’s what you should do to replace the amount you earn now with gaming gaming gains.

Identify a game activity that you can win and learn to beat her

Get enough capital or bankroll to support your game at any level and generate profits

Gamble several hours a week to make sufficient money to replace your current income

Sports betting, poker and blackjack are some of the gaming activities that can bring you money. Nevertheless, each of these activities requires specific skills and you can not possess them. Therefore, master your favorite gaming activity and your practice to see if it can bring you sufficient gains to replace your income.

Costs and Benefits of Health

Maybe you can become a professional player and earn enough money to replace your full-time revenues. However, you will always have additional considerations before becoming full-time player. Key considerations are the costs and benefits of health. In countries like U.S, a single contingency room visit can be ruined financially.

Unfortunately, many professional players do not buy health insurance covers. Instead, they assume that they are healthy and young to engage medical expenses. And some of them are lucky and spend for years without requiring medical services. A professional player can also have the chance to have a partner with health insurance coverage.

However, experts recommend a budget of approximately $ 1,000 for health coverage each month for a professional player. You can easily find a good plan that suits you while doing shopping because you will finally need and use it.

Since you play all the time once you become professional, you will spend most of your sitting time. And this can cause health problems if you are not careful. Therefore, embark in an exercise routine and healthy diet to stay in shape and healthy.

For a regular job, worker compensation covers you if you suffer injuries. You can also get unemployment if you lose the job. In addition, you get a vacation and days of paid disease with a regular job. This means that you will not win money if you get sick like a professional and full-time player. In addition, you will not earn money on vacation.

For this reason, book an additional $ 1,000 per month for an interest generator account. In this way, you can have money to answer your downtime. And make sure this account is entirely out of bounds. In addition, avoid making it a holiday fund or a sick sick sickness fund. Instead, have separate budgets for such funds. Finally, if you use the funds of this account after missing a few days, play more games to increase your gains and restore the amount.

Nobody likes planning for a worst occurrence. However, a professional player should think and plan the worst. Therefore, do not play with your future or health.


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