Brutal card layout baccarat techniques Part 2

Guidelines for how to draw cards

1. Players should remember the cards that have how many points they have. Players need to remember. Because there are many types of cards, each card has a name and a different point of each card. But you don’t have to fear that you won’t remember. The various card layouts that we present to you can be seen as the cards that are found on a regular basis, easy to remember.

2. When you have remembered the names and the points of the cards When we play baccarat, wait for the outcome of the baccarat card being opened. Let us remember the cards as well. We will then predict in what way the cards will be issued. and then the next turn to choose the side that is expected to win as the card has been guessed

3. If we have predicted that the card is correct. and then play baccarat and win from guessing the cards then let it go down as the card layout in that pattern continues, and then when the cards fall off, when or not according to what we read, the card layout to change the way the card layout

4. When we guess or read the cards incorrectly You need to wait for the outcome of the card to come out first. For playing baccarat at the casino. The player can watch or wait for the cards to be issued without you having to place a bet, they can watch that card is drawn indefinitely. The Betflix casino is not compulsory. You should therefore look at the cards until you see the cards and match the other card formulas and do the same.

Counting Baccarat Cards, Baccarat Formula

1. Dragon card layout Baccarat cards are issued like this. When we look at the baccarat results table that comes out, the results, losses, wins, cards that come out next to the Banker or Player many times in succession are similar in length to the dragon’s tail. If it’s on the red side, it will call “Red Dragon”, if it’s on the blue side, it will call. “Blue Dragon” when the cards come out as a dragon’s tail, it will affect the gambler to place bets together. For example, when the dealer is issued 5 consecutive eyes The gambler

will have the idea that the outcome of the same side is too close to each other,and then it may be that there will be some off the player’s side, thus causing the player to bet on the other side. This was a bad idea. Because of the experience, there have been 19 consecutive long dragon tail baccarat cards.

2. Ping pong card layout Baccarat cards are issued like this. When we look at the baccarat results table, it will be issued back and forth as the dealer, player, banker, player, banker, switch back and forth like this, just like hitting ping-pong. Seeing like this, we can draw cards. By playing the game of Baccarat, placing cards, placing bets alternately until one side of the cotton wins continuously, change to a different card layout instead.

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